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The Butterfly Shawl: Knit
It's back. This gorgeous shawl that everyone will want you to create for them.
4 series class    1  1/2 hrs. Ea.    Tues  11:30am   Oct.  25   nov. 1,8,15      $100.00 plus supplies

The ladies at the back table shawl: Knit

Ask and ye shall receive. This beautiful shawl was proposed as a class by....the ladies at the back table
4 series class ( 1 ˝ hours each)     $100 plus supplies   Thurs.  5:30pm   January 19,26    Feb 2,9

Baby Leaf Cocoon: Knit

Wrap your little one in this cute little wrap
4 series class ( 1 ˝ hours each)     $100 plus supplies    Thurs.  10:30am   Oct. 27th  Nov. 3,10,17

Summer Breeze Linen Top: Knit

If you have not worked with linen yet, then here is the class for you. Durable but soft fiber and a cute top to boot.
6 Series  Class       1  1/2 hrs. Ea.        Saturdays  10:30am    February 18,25  March 4,11,18,25    $150.00 plus supplies

The Serenity Sweater:  Crochet
6 series class     1    1/2  Hr. Ea.     Tues 11:30 am     Dec. 6,13,20,27   Jan  3,10

Breakfast at Tiffany's Sweater:
Imagine yourself wearing this at Tiffany's on an Autumn day in the city. Classic open cardi to wear anywhere.
6 series class   Saturday 10:30am   July 30th   August 6th,13th,20th,27th   Sept. 3rd                     $150.00 plus supplies

The Diva Cabled Poncho: Knit

You already are a Diva, so add this poncho to your collection.
6 series class ( 1 ˝ hours each)     $150 plus supplies    Sat.  at 10:30am   January 7,14,21,28    Feb  4,11

The Juliet Cardigan: Knit
Juliet oh Juliet wow you look great in your new sweater
6 Series Class     Saturday   10:30am    Nov. 3rd, 10th,17th      Dec 1st,8th,15th       $150.00 plus supplies

Baah Baah Black Sheep: Knit

These cute adorable sheep will look great in any room.
4 series class ( 1 1/2 hrs. )   $100.00 Plus Supplies          Thurs.   5:30pm     Sept 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd

Elephant Rug: Crochet
Just so cute create this for the little one's bedroom or playroom
4 series class    1   1/2 hrs.       Sat.  10:30am        Sept. 24   Oct. 1,8,15           $100.00 plus supplies

Noni Felted Knitting Bag: Knit
After you make it, use it at Rumpelstiltskin it off.
5 series class    1  1/2 hrs.   Ea.     Thur.  5:30pm   Nov.17th  Dec 1,8,15        $100.00  Plus supplies

Marcia's Owl Bunting:   Crochet
Wrap your baby up in this little cute number
4 series class     1   1/2 hrs.          Thur. 4:00pm            Sep. 1st,8th,15th,22nd             $100.00 Plus supplies

The Majestic Poncho:  Knit
The name says it all, stately and dignified. You just have to have this piece to add to your wardrobe.
6 series class      1 1/2 hrs.   Ea.          Thurs    February 16,23   March 2,9,16,23

The Harvard Sweater: Knit
Maybe you didn't go to Harvard, but you can look the part.
6 series class        1   1/2 hours ea.        Thur. 5pm     Sept. 29th       Oct. 6th,13th,,27th  Nov. 3rd and 10th          $150.00 plus supplies

Botticelli Sweater: Knit
Learn Intarsia technique while creating this classic piece. A beautiful cardigan that you will hand down
from generation to generation.
6 series (1/2 hrs.)  $150.00 plus supplies          Tues. 5:30pm   Sept 27th,  Oct. 4th,11th,18th,25th    Nov. 1st

Popcorn Mitts:   Crochet
These lovely mitts will be done just in time for the fall.
4 series class     1  1/2 hrs.   Ea.     Tues. 1pm     Sept. 6th,13,20,27        $100.00   plus supplies

Fun Fair Isle Socks: Knit
There fun!!  There Fair Isle!!!   Their Socks!!!
4 series class    1 1/2 hrs. Ea.      Thur. 10:30am      Aug. 18th,25th   Sept  1st,8th

The Checker board slipper : Knit    
How could you go wrong with a checker board on your feet!!!
1 day    1 1/2 hrs.     Tues.     $ 25.00 plus supplies  Sept. 20th    5:30pm

The Stars and Stripes Blanket:  Crochet
Feeling patriotic! Crochet this beautiful American Flag blanket and be taken back into time of Betsy Ross.
4 series class      1   1/2  hrs.    Tuesday  11:30am       Sept. 6th,13th,20th,27th       $100.00  plus supplies

Rummy Bear: Knit
Create this little bear for that special someone. Everyone will not believe it was knitted.
4 series class   1 1/2 hrs. Ea.     $100.00 Plus supplies   August 16th, 23rd, 30th and Sept. 6th   Tues. 5:30

Knitted Booties Class
What baby doesn't need booties.
2 Series 1 1/2 hrs.  Thurs.   10:30am Sept 15th and 22nd  $50.00  plus supplies

Cabled Slipper Socks: Knit
Ooohhh! So comfy, your own socks to keep those tootsies warm and toasty.
4 series  1 1/2 hrs. Ea.    Tues.    Oct. 25  Nov. 1,8,15   $100.00  plus supplies

Spinning Lessons
This is an exciting journey into the world of spinning. You will enjoy learning a skill that is centuries old.
The class is a six part series that will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish. You will learn how to treadle, about leader yarns, spinning, plying and skeining. You will leave with a finished skein of yarn of your own making. This class is taught in our Stony Brook store. Please call for times and dates.
Six series class (1 hour each)
$250 plus supplies

Scarf of the Month/Hat of the Month Combined Class!!!: Easy Knit
The Scarf /Hat of the Month Club is a knitting Secret Society! . Only the students in the class will get to see the scarves/hats and get the patterns. The scarves/hats will be a mystery until they are unveiled at each class. The scarf/hat patterns are not for sale, nor will they be displayed in the store. Only the lucky students will get to make them. Come join us for the adventure!
The 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 / One per month
$25 dollars a month plus supplies

Block of the Month, Cable of the Month, Fair Isle of the Month, Lace Of The Month, Crochet Of The
Month, Block Of The Month Advanced & Crochet Of The Month Colorwork & Cables
Join us one night every month for our afghan block of the month class. We will knit a block out of one of our super specialty yarns, once a month for twelve months. Every month will be a different color and pattern. At the end of the last (12th) class we will assemble and join the blocks into a fantastic knitted quilt. The great thing about this class is that it strengthens your knitting muscles! We start with a very easy pattern, and throughout the year the difficulty increases by the block. At year’s end, you will be an expert knitter! Block of the Month is the perfect class for new knitters to learn to be great knitters!
1 class per month for 12 months
$25 plus supplies per month.
Please ask about sign ups for the Squares of the Month that start  in 2016

Knit and Crochet Doctor
This class is open to Rumpelstiltskin students. If you are having trouble with the project that you are making in class, you can be healed by the knit doctor! This is extra help for your class project at no charge! You can come and remake your class project a hundred times if you like! (This is only for students who sign up for one of our series group classes)
Huntington    Mon. 2 - 5pm   Wed.  12 - 3pm    Sat.  12 - 3pm     Sayville   Tues.  2:30 - 5:30pm     Thur. 12 - 3pm      Sat. 12 - 3pm

Private Lessons:
For a one on one experience we offer private lessons.
They are scheduled at a time that is convenient for both the student and instructor.
Please inquire with the staff.
Private lessons: $60 an hour

Classes and supplies must be paid for at the time of registration. Please register as soon as you can, because classes fill up
quickly. Cancellations must be given no later than one week (7 days) before class begins. If you cancel, you will be given store credit to apply to another class . You must be present for all classes. If you miss a class, the instructor will do her best to catch you up at the following class, but there are no guarantees. For those instances, a private class is recommended. In order for a class to run, there must be a minimum of two students signed up for each class. Class times and dates are subject to change.

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